Travel Angel: Ben – Nanaimo, BC

Ben – Nanaimo, BC

The last time I met Ben was in Japan during a bike ride. It was such a coincidence to see him on my road again in Nanaimo! We shared a lot about Japanese culture, life in Canada, and all that surrounds my first Poutine, a speciality from Quebec. I have no words to say thanks for all you gave me, all the support for continuing my journey and website. I made it, to Hornby Island, without any bus! You are with me until Pentagonia for sure, and I will share this journey you dream about.

One thought on “Travel Angel: Ben – Nanaimo, BC

  1. Thanks Marge!

    It was wonderful hosting you as well. You always bring a bright spirit and joy to your surroundings, be that Canada or Japan 😉 I will be eagerly aniticipating your post and watching the journey unfold all the way to Patagonia! Take care, be safe, and live life!



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